Enter the rain

Summer is out.

Enter the rain.

Manila [2015]


Viva Manila

vivamanila_ curiousphilippines

Citizen-led groups are taking up the mantle of revitalizing the Philippine capital, Manila city, through advocacy projects, arts, culture, and business.


DIY Decor

curious philippines_small transport

Decorated public bicycle transport.

Recycled PET bottles, tarpaulin of various brands, and a photo of Pope Francis.

Manila [2015]

Museo Pambata

curious philippines_museo pambata (2) curious philippines_museo pambata (3) curious philippines_museo pambata (1)

Helicopter slide. ¬†Walk-in replica of an iconic church. The comedian Dolphy’s monument. Etc.

Manila [2015]

National Museum

national museum_ curious philippines (1) national museum_ curious philippinesFree-admission Sunday and the Spolarium.

Manila [2015]

Photos by J

Paco Park

IMG_6687 IMG_6688 IMG_6690 IMG_6692

Inside Paco Park.

Where national hero Jose Rizal’s original grave lies. [2013]

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