Mount Mayon


Mount Mayon, an active volcano in the Bicol region, the “perfect cone”, and the top tourist draw of the region.

Photo by Glaiza Veluz.


Boracay shoreline

20160305_074049 copy

IMG_3186 copy

IMG_3189 copy

Boracay Island, a top tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

Aklan [2016]

Boracay, a design experience

boracay design_ curious philippines boracay souvenir_ curious philippines

Design shops, souvenirs, and theme restaurants.

Boracay Island, Aklan [2016]

Diptych: famed sunset and a light painting

sunset_ curious philippines

The famed Boracay sunset / A light painting by Fabrizius²

Aklan [2016]

Galerie Anette Müller – Fabrizius² (Pinterest)

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