Quezon Circle

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Public open space at the Quezon Memorial Circle

Mausoleum containing the remains of Manuel Quezon, president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines in 1935 to 1944.

Quezon City [2016]

Paco Park

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Inside Paco Park.

Where national hero Jose Rizal’s original grave lies. [2013]

Freedom Park

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Sunday afternoon scenes at the Freedom Park inside

University of the Philippines-Los Banos [2013]

Citizen Action: Million People March

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It was a Monday and a holiday called National Heroes’ Day.

The rains gave way as people marched to the Luneta Park.

Ex-government officials, families, professionals, students, clubs, and groups.

The roads leading to Luneta dotted with food stalls, people selling donuts in yellow bags,

and people selling condominiums with their flyers.

The Million People March against the misuse of the government’s pork barrel.

The signature campaign and the online campaign that spread the news about the march.

Luneta Park [2013]

Sundays and the city

curious philipppines curious philippines-ayala IMG_6303


Sundays are the best times to be out in the city.  Less busy and less crowded.  There is space!

At the Ayala Triangle Park, the fire trees are abloom this time of year.

And so are the happy visitors, taking photos of themselves against the green urban backdrop.

The likes of photos you’d see at lookbook.nu.


Washington Sycip Park





In the heart of the urban jungle [2009]

Christmas in the Philippines (Random)

IMG_0002 IMG_4205 IMG_4230 IMG_4237

A shopping mall lit up at night;

A street-side “Belen” or the Nativity Scene;

A series of free musical shows for the holiday season at the park,

late afternoon, at the heart of a commercial business district, in Manila [2012].

Make it Makati!

Makati makes a move.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens, now being modernized into an Urban Oasis.

Part of a five-year multi-billion peso project that will modernize the city, which used to be a wasteland then became an airport grounds facility and is now a premier commercial business district.


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