Independence Day


A look back on the compact outdoor exhibit that was put up for

Philippine Independence Day celebrations in 2015.

[Makati City CBD]



Happy Sarangsukol (Thanksgiving)!

Badjao settlement in Davao city.

Photo by Angely Chi [2016]

Fiesta Band!

fiesta band_ curious philippines

This is our 100th post! And we happily march forward…

local band in the street

Laguna [2016]

Mother’s Day Holiday

20150510_134807Quezon city [2015]


new year countdown_ curious philippines

Quezon City [2014]

Spotted: Christmas II

christmas tree_curiousphilippines


manger_curiousphilippines  curiousphilippines_christmas


Spotted: Philippine Christmas

From recycled and improvised to grandiose.

Manila, Laguna, Tarlac [2013]

Spotted: Christmas

IMG_6947 IMG_6949IMG_6951

Spotted: Christmas

On the window, on the light street post, inside the train station


Christmas in the Philippines (Random)

IMG_0002 IMG_4205 IMG_4230 IMG_4237

A shopping mall lit up at night;

A street-side “Belen” or the Nativity Scene;

A series of free musical shows for the holiday season at the park,

late afternoon, at the heart of a commercial business district, in Manila [2012].

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