National Museum of Natural History

Jollibee and Lola Selfie

Stylized depiction of Jollibee, the mascot of the nationwide local fastfood chain, and a textile art piece on a “Lola Selfie” (by V. Cavestany) at the Art Fair Philippines

Carpark in Makati [2016]

Look here for more textile art pieces from the fair.

Viva Manila

vivamanila_ curiousphilippines

Citizen-led groups are taking up the mantle of revitalizing the Philippine capital,

Manila city, through advocacy projects, arts, culture, and business.


National Museum

national museum_ curious philippines (1) national museum_ curious philippinesFree-admission Sunday and the Spolarium.

Manila [2015]

Photos by J

Art Fair Philippines

art fair-curiousphilippines

IMG_4880 IMG_4885 IMG_4887

Art Fair Philippines… in a parking lot venue.

Event posters line up at the Makati CBD underpass.

And Barredo’s Asphalt installation work wows the crowd. [2013]

Museums and Galleries Month!

IMG_6729 IMG_6731 IMG_6753 IMG_6754

The National Museum hosted a varied Saturday afternoon crowd,

with several jeepneys and buses parked out front and several groups waiting to get inside.

October is Museums and Galleries Month.

The National Museum and its branches around the country will be giving free admission for the entire month. [2013]

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Art in the Park!

Art Alfresco

Snaps from the “affordable 1-day art fair” held at the Salcedo Park in the Makati CBD on a Feb. 18 Saturday afternoon [2012].

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