Bridge over Pasig River

Sunset view from the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge


Poetry: Imperial Manila

Imperial Manila


How straw hat to name a cross a

cross. Is there a manuscript?


My bereavement swells

at your breath,


the morning itself is at a loss.

The word ‘critical’ has been wanting


a piece of you,

its heart whispering of halts.


Dennis Aguinaldo

Published in the Sunday Times, April 2014.

From The Pasig River Cruise

City Sprawl: Mandaluyong

mandaluyong_curious philippines

Mandaluyong City

View by the Pasig river [2013]

*** June’s theme: City Sprawls of Metro Manila ***

The Pasig River Cruise

Riverside scenes of the commuter ferry ride along the Pasig River.

From the waterlilies, to the boat that crosses the river from the Mandaluyong side to the Makati side,

to the historic Post Office Building in Manila.


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