‘political art’

reverb_ curious philippines

reverb_2 curious philippines

Reverb show at the Vargas Museum.

Quezon City [2016]


Art Installation

installation_ curious philippines copy

On the front grounds of a national university museum

Quezon City [2015]


Museo Pambata

curious philippines_museo pambata (2) curious philippines_museo pambata (3) curious philippines_museo pambata (1)

Helicopter slide.  Walk-in replica of an iconic church. The comedian Dolphy’s monument. Etc.

Manila [2015]

National Museum

national museum_ curious philippines (1) national museum_ curious philippinesFree-admission Sunday and the Spolarium.

Manila [2015]

Photos by J

Old Manila Posters

 old manila posters_curious philippinesold manila posters 2_curious philippinesFrom an exhibit at the Vargas Museum in February 2011.

First poster: University of the Philippines

Second poster: Pear’s Soap Advertisement, McClure’s Magazine, October 1899

Museums and Galleries Month!

IMG_6729 IMG_6731 IMG_6753 IMG_6754

The National Museum hosted a varied Saturday afternoon crowd,

with several jeepneys and buses parked out front and several groups waiting to get inside.

October is Museums and Galleries Month.

The National Museum and its branches around the country will be giving free admission for the entire month. [2013]

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Kusama exhibition

Don Bernadino Jalandoni Museum




the moneyed Filipino life in the 19th century.

Silay, Negros Occidental [2012]

Next post: our encounter with a barbie collection in this museum

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