Street Conversation

Manila [2018]

“Street photography, it will be demonstrated, is not a passive medium representing the reality of urban life, but a dynamic visual practice through which urban reality is created, enacted, and reinforced.” – Brent Luvaas


Sidewalk Installation: Peace and Respect

Manila [2018]

‘Ber’ On

On the road.

Manila [2018]

Enter the rain

Summer is out.

Enter the rain.

Manila [2015]

Manila Flower Market

Manila Flower Center or Dangwa

Manila [2017]

Good Morning, Manila

“Good morning Manila”

“A floating AMERICA”

Photos and captions by artist Daisuke Takeya,

taken during his 2017 Manila artist-residency.

Poetry: Imperial Manila

Imperial Manila


How straw hat to name a cross a

cross. Is there a manuscript?


My bereavement swells

at your breath,


the morning itself is at a loss.

The word ‘critical’ has been wanting


a piece of you,

its heart whispering of halts.


Dennis Aguinaldo

Published in the Sunday Times, April 2014.

From The Pasig River Cruise

Museo Pambata

curious philippines_museo pambata (2) curious philippines_museo pambata (3) curious philippines_museo pambata (1)

Helicopter slide.  Walk-in replica of an iconic church. The comedian Dolphy’s monument. Etc.

Manila [2015]

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