Bridge over Pasig River

Sunset view from the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge



Independence Day


A look back on the compact outdoor exhibit that was put up for Philippine Independence Day celebrations in 2015.

[Makati City CBD]

Crafting a President

crafts_ curious philippines

As seen in a crafts sale

Makati [2016]

Jollibee and Lola Selfie

Stylized depiction of Jollibee, the mascot of the nationwide local fastfood chain, and a textile art piece on a “Lola Selfie” (by V. Cavestany) at the Art Fair Philippines

Carpark in Makati [2016]

Look here for more textile art pieces from the fair.

Why graffiti

why graffiti_curious philippines copy

Local graffiti artist’s work.

The artist has been spray-painting the word ‘Why’ in a few busy cities of Metro Manila.

My first sighting of ‘Why’ was in Pasig, near Valle Verde.

Makati [2015]

Fire tree season!

20150502_095911Makati [April 2015]


traffic_curiousphilippinesMakati CBD [2012]

Underpass Art

underpass_curious philipinesMakati Central Business District [2014]

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