Quezon City [2019]

Slide on Mindanao

One of the opening slides of Mr. Aguja’s presentation

for the symposium dubbed

“Recalibrating Compasses: Global and Local Knowledge Production Today”.


Manila [2019]

Sign Up Week

At the university orgs’ sign-up week for freshwomen and freshmen

Quezon City [2018]

Marker 2

“Fight for what is right and true. Defend human rights”

Quezon City [2018]

Arts Month!


Free outdoor open-air concert.

February is one of the best times to be in the Philippines, especially Metro Manila.

It is when Arts Month is celebrated with all sorts of interesting activities and events.

Photo by J.

Quezon City [2017]

In the University: Retail WiFi





WiFi by the peso

Laguna [2016]

bicycle sharing


Quezon City [2016]

Art Installation

installation_ curious philippines copy

On the front grounds of a national university museum

Quezon City [2015]


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