Sign Up Week

At the university orgs’ sign-up week for freshwomen and freshmen

Quezon City [2018]


Marker 2

“Fight for what is right and true. Defend human rights”

Quezon City [2018]

Urban Creation: Suspended Coffee

Local games cafe starts the practice of “Pending Coffee”.

Quezon City [2017]

Citizen Action: Rally on Bonifacio Holiday




Protest demonstration near the People Power Monument

opposing the burial of a late dictator in the Heroes Cemetery

Manila [2016]

UN Women Safe City

gender equality_ curious philippines 2

gender equality_ curious philippines

Quezon city joins the UN Women Safe Cities Global Initiative



marker_ curious philippines (2)

marker_ curious philippines

Quezon city [2015]


A Protest Caravan


The University welcomed the 700-strong contingent of a protest caravan calling for a stop to human rights violations in Lumad communities.

For several days, the University hosted political and educational discussions and activities with the Lumad contingent, who had traveled from Surigao City in Mindanao.

Photo by L.I.

Quezon City [2015]

Citizen Action: Project 100-100-100

project 100-100-100_curiousphilippines2015 (1)

\project 100-100-100_curiousphilippines2015 (2)

project 100-100-100_curious philippines 2013 (1)

project 100-100-100_curious philippines 2013 (2)

PROJECT 100-100-100 is an outreach project of nine private Filipino individuals who had met in the university.  They pool 100-peso donations to provide school supplies to children in poor communities.   On its 4th year.

Photos by the Project’s members
La Union [2015] and Mindoro [2013]

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