The token Venice-themed mall

The token Venice-themed mall in the country,

as there is one in, say, China, India, and Qatar.

Taguig City [2018]


“Kung hindi mo kayang linisin ang kapaligiran, huwag mo na lang dumihan,”

or, if you can’t clean the surroundings, don’t make it dirty then.

The sign is repeated in several waiting sheds along the streets of the city.

Manila [2017]



Developing entity in social evolution is not the individual, but culture. Culture is the result of the social interaction of learning individuals, the result of a collective learning process.

– Klaus Eder in “Learning and the Evolution of Social Systems.”

UN Women Safe City

gender equality_ curious philippines 2

gender equality_ curious philippines

Quezon city joins the UN Women Safe Cities Global Initiative


Make it Makati!

Makati makes a move.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens, now being modernized into an Urban Oasis.

Part of a five-year multi-billion peso project that will modernize the city, which used to be a wasteland then became an airport grounds facility and is now a premier commercial business district.


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