Citizen Action: Rally on Bonifacio Holiday




Protest demonstration near the People Power Monument

opposing the burial of a late dictator in the Heroes Cemetery

Manila [2016]


Citizen Action: Project 100-100-100

project 100-100-100_curiousphilippines2015 (1)

\project 100-100-100_curiousphilippines2015 (2)

project 100-100-100_curious philippines 2013 (1)

project 100-100-100_curious philippines 2013 (2)

PROJECT 100-100-100 is an outreach project of nine private Filipino individuals who had met in the university.  They pool 100-peso donations to provide school supplies to children in poor communities.   On its 4th year.

Photos by the Project’s members
La Union [2015] and Mindoro [2013]

Citizen Action: Operating from the Villamor Air Base

image-1386511231701-V image-1386511057946-V

Typhoon Haiyan victims were flown in by air force planes to the Villamor Air Base in Metro Manila.

Volunteers greeted their arrival, some offering a free ride to their destination, a.k.a. Oplan Hatid.

Photos by M [2013]

Citizen Action: View from the Medical Mission Bus

IMG_20131119_134654   IMG_20131119_134822



The aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in Leyte.

The journey of bringing relief to the victims

Photos by A.

Citizen Action: Million People March

curious philippines- million people march curious philippines - pork signature campaign curious philippines - pork barrel curious philippines - aghg

It was a Monday and a holiday called National Heroes’ Day.

The rains gave way as people marched to the Luneta Park.

Ex-government officials, families, professionals, students, clubs, and groups.

The roads leading to Luneta dotted with food stalls, people selling donuts in yellow bags,

and people selling condominiums with their flyers.

The Million People March against the misuse of the government’s pork barrel.

The signature campaign and the online campaign that spread the news about the march.

Luneta Park [2013]

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