Curious Philippines is part of #MuseumWeek

#MuseumWeek – March 28 to April 3 – is the “first worldwide cultural event on Twitter”,  and Curious Philippines is part of it.

For  #futureMW (April 1), which talks about the future plans and goals of cultural organizations and institutions, we explain a few of our plans here.

Curious Philippines is a form of cultural mapping; it is also an experiment for presenting different kinds of information through photography.  These two roles are prioritized in planning and deciding for the posts on Curious Philippines this year.

Succeeding #futureMW is #zoomMW (April 2), which is about interesting insights about the organizations’ collections.  Here, we share one of the most viewed posts from Curious Philippines – Throw Plates at this Wall!  This post features a unique road-side restaurant from the province of Bae, Laguna, which has a wall that people throw and smash plates in for a fee.

Preceding #futureMW is #heritageMW and for this we twitted the Curious Philippines posts on Philippine churches.  #MuseumWeek ends with #loveMW. For this theme, we twit about Christmas, one of the things we love to post about in this online platform.

Throw plates at this Wall!

@ Isdaan Restaurant, Bae, Laguna [2012]

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