Jollibee and Lola Selfie

Stylized depiction of Jollibee, the mascot of the nationwide local fastfood chain, and a textile art piece on a “Lola Selfie” (by V. Cavestany) at the Art Fair Philippines

Carpark in Makati [2016]

Look here for more textile art pieces from the fair.


Art Fair Philippines

art fair-curiousphilippines

IMG_4880 IMG_4885 IMG_4887

Art Fair Philippines… in a parking lot venue.

Event posters line up at the Makati CBD underpass.

And Barredo’s Asphalt installation work wows the crowd. [2013]

Art in the Park!

Art Alfresco

Snaps from the “affordable 1-day art fair” held at the Salcedo Park in the Makati CBD on a Feb. 18 Saturday afternoon [2012].

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