Street Conversation

Manila [2018]

“Street photography, it will be demonstrated, is not a passive medium representing the reality of urban life, but a dynamic visual practice through which urban reality is created, enacted, and reinforced.” – Brent Luvaas



Sidewalk Installation: Peace and Respect

Manila [2018]

“Prop” up

“Prop” up

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‘Ber’ On

On the road.

Manila [2018]

Buy Philippine Made: Red ‘place mat’ and a tiny sombrero


Red woven place mat from Isabela province + tiny sombrero souvenir from Baler, Quezon.


See the rest of the campaign here


Graffiti III: [creative] Process

Quezon City (2018)

National Museum of Natural History

Sign Up Week

At the university orgs’ sign-up week for freshwomen and freshmen

Quezon City [2018]

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