Milk tea place

Quezon City [2019]



Quezon City [2019]

Neighborhood sign

Quezon City [2019]

E-waste collection drive

Seasonal e-waste collection drive

Quezon City (2019)

Trying out Baybayin

First crack at learning Baybayin, an ancient Filipino script currently experiencing a revival.

Street talk

Rizal (2019)

Home brew

Local maker’s ingredients for making Vermouth:

sugar (asukal), star anise, laurel leaves, cardamom, and coriander seeds

Photo by JQ

Manila [2019]

Street Conversation

Manila [2018]

“Street photography, it will be demonstrated, is not a passive medium representing the reality of urban life, but a dynamic visual practice through which urban reality is created, enacted, and reinforced.” – Brent Luvaas


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