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The proud sunset view of Manila Bay.

A dependable shot of romance if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila.


Curious Philippines is a platform for getting to know the Southeast Asian jewel, the Philippines, and its 7,000+ islands.  It is a photo archive that seeks to map trends, patterns and stories of Filipino heritage, as they are discovered first hand.

Curious Philippines is developed with contributions from artists and friends.  It serves as a challenge and an aid to Filipino artist Mae Aguinaldo in getting to know the islands of her home country.

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Dennis Aguinaldo   Daisuke Takeya    Irma Lacorte

Butch Mapa    Glaiza Veluz    Angeli Chi

And other “secret” friends…


“Collecting wild honey … involves a ritual called ‘paglalambay’. A babaylan leads a process participated in by all harvesters and their families. They use indigenous musical instruments to accompany dancing that may continually be held for 15 days, ending with the successful gathering of honey by the harvesters.”

– Management Plan (2021-2025) of Cleopatra’s Needle Critical Habitat

Philippine Eagle

Cubao, Quezon City [2020]

Red Marks by Kirby Roxas

Visit to Kaida Contemporary
Quezon City [2017]

LGBTQ+ rights



Rizal (2020)

Pandemic times

Quezon City [2020]

Covid-19 Tagalog flyer

Tagalog flyer for reproduction c/o curecovidph.

Copy for reproduction here.

Full-Service or Self-Service

Quezon City [2020]

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